It’s Poetry Time!

You are poets, even if you don’t know it! See what I did there? I won’t make you share, but the option is there.

Okay, I’ll stop now. Today, YOU create more poetry. Does poetry have to rhyme? No. Does it even have to make sense? Nope. Remember Doctor Seuss? He made up all kinds of words to fit his rhyming scheme.

  • Open a Google Doc.
  • Rename it with your name and “poetry.”
  • Share it with me. Remember, you can share BEFORE you write. Google Docs is amazing like that!

Now create your poem. If you need to go back to the poetry activities we did earlier to get some ideas, you certainly can!

Can it be silly? YES! Can it be serious? YES! You can write about your deepest feelings, you can write about what you are going to have for lunch! Enjoy yourself!

Who are your favorite poets? Mine is Shel Silverstein. He is hilarious!

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