National Poetry Month

Poems are a wonderful way for people to express themselves. There are SO many different kinds of poems. We know about rhyming poems, but did you know that a work doesn’t HAVE to rhyme to be a poem? That’s pretty cool, right?

Below are some fun poetry activities. Enjoy them. We will be working on writing some poems of our own soon.

Weebly Poetry Interactive

Kenn Nesbitt’s poetry for kids – lots of cool poems to read, and you can rate them, too. Remember to be kind when you give a rating. Only rate your favorite ones.

Shel Silverstein – remember him? He wrote many of the poems you memorized for Poetry parties if you had Mrs. B in kindergarten!

Want to try writing your own poem? Start with an acrostic poem. Open a Google Doc.

Rename it with your name and “poetry,” and share it with me.

Now take the letters of your name and type them down the left side of the page, like this (I’m using my friend’s name and poem, and her name is Amy):




Think of adjectives that describe you that begin with each letter of your name. Here is Amy’s.




And that’s all there is to it! For bonus fun, you can make your poem longer by adding your middle and last names! I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Need help with adjectives? Try visiting this site!

Have fun!



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