Middle School Manners

Here are some cool links about manners, known to fancy folk as “etiquette.” Read the following articles, take the business etiquette quiz, and let me know what you’ve learned!

An Invitation to Dance – don’t worry. It’s not exactly about dancing.

Table manners – are you polite, or are you a total cave person? I learned something from this quiz.

Business etiquette – are you the perfect host? I learned some things here, too. What is considered proper is not always stuff we just *know*.

Cell phone etiquette – be the cool kid, not the ill-mannered one!

Manners around the world – some things are cultural. What’s nifty in one culture is positively taboo in another.

Sports etiquette – Manners extend to court and field!

Interesting list of manners across cultures

What other kinds of manners interest you?

More Do’s and Don’ts from around the world

Listverse confusing manners


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