Code is a Language

Babies learn to talk by listening to those around them and practicing the sounds themselves. Over time, they learn that sounds MEAN something, and by age 2, most kids are able to tell others what they want.

Code is a language, too. We learn it by looking at code that others have written and practicing changing little bits and parts to see how changing part of the code sentence will change what is displayed on the screen.

Today we have 2 programs to choose from:

Code Monster


Code Maven

By changing different parts of the sentence on the left, called “parameters,” the image of the box on the right will change. It’s as simple as changing a word or a number.

You can’t break it, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Two years ago, someone in my class created a Minecraft sword using these programs.

If you make a mistake and can’t remember how you got there, just click the “reset” button on the left.

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