Fairy Tales, With a Twist

Hello, all! This week we are working with a writing prompt from the Teachers Write program. We’re going to be working with fairy tales.

What are some fairy tales you remember reading? We’re going to turn one of those on its head.

Choose a fairy tale and think about the important elements of the story. Then change one (or more) of those elements.

What if…

…Cinderella was still at the ball when the clock struck midnight and transformed in front of all those people? What if she didn’t leave behind a glass slipper?

… Goldilocks was a bear, and the bears were people?

… Jack couldn’t cut down the beanstalk?

… Hansel and the witch in the gingerbread house were working together to trap Gretel?

You are welcome to choose a different fairy tale or twist.

So here’s your assignment:

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Rename with your name + “Fairy Tale”
  3. SHARE IT WITH ME! – no share = a zero. I can’t grade what I don’t receive. 
  4. Choose your fairy tale and give it a twist.
  5. Write as much as you can in the time allotted.
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