It’s Time For NaNoWriMo!

It’s time for National Novel Writing Month! Let’s get ready to write! We have three class sessions to practice our typing and pry open our vault of creativity.

The purpose of these writing prompts is to get you thinking, writing, and brainstorming ideas for your November novel. These exercises may spark a great story idea, or they may just be great typing practice.

Speaking of typing practice, we need to get those fingers on the keyboard!

Let’s play Typing Race on Abcya.

Choose your car, and then choose “ALL KEYS.” This part is important. It’s how you build your skills.

Play it once, then tell me 3 things. Score, accuracy, and WPM (words per minute). Play it again. And again if you like. If you beat your score, you get a PRIZE! You may play Typing Race as many times as you like to beat your high score.

Once you have earned your typing prize, please do the following:

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Title it with your name and October 6.
  3. Share it with me.

Click Creative Writing Journal.

Choose a writing prompt and get started! I can’t wait to read your work!



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