Middle School Madness!

It’s MADNESS, I say! Madness!!!

Are you ready for some crazy fun?

Are you ready for some crazy fun?

There are so many amazing things on the horizon for us! October means the start of Journalism club, our first issue of the school paper, AND beginning preparations for National Novel Writing Month! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Today I would like you to do these exercises in order. We’re going to do a little catch-up first.

Please visit last week’s Google Doc about Journalism Club. Not everyone answered all three questions. Please fill in whatever blanks you missed. You don’t have to start a new document, and you don’t have to reshare with me. I need to know:

  1. What ideas you have for our paper.
  2. What YOU would like to do – photography, interviews, puzzles, etc. You can choose more than one thing. In fact, it would be awesome if you chose 5 or 6 things, but choose at least one (and tell me what it is).
  3. What are your ideas for names for our school paper?

If you have already answered these questions, go on to the next step:

Did you get a low grade on an assignment? See Mrs. D for your opportunity to fix it.

If you are all caught up on your assignments and your grades please you, you may go on to the next step:

7th and 8th Games For Your Brain


5th/6th Games For Your Brain

You may visit either page, regardless of your current grade. Have fun!



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