Middle School Missions

Hello, Middle School, this quarter, our chapel offerings are going to missionaries serving in Puerto Rico. Below are links to videos about the family. Please watch them in order because I think they’ll make more sense that way. You may have seen them already, and that’s okay. Each video will have questions that follow. Please answer them in complete sentences.

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Rename it with YOUR NAME and “Missionaries”
  4. Continue to the videos below.

Here I Am

  1. How did the family hear the Lord’s call and make the decision to go into the mission field?
  2. Have you ever heard the Lord call you to do something, either small or big? What was it? Did you answer the call?
  3. If you answered no to question 2, what call do you think God might place on your heart, whether it be a career or being kind to a neighbor?

Dealing With It

  1. Name two challenges the family faced when moving to Puerto Rico.
  2. Would those things be a challenge for you, as well?
  3. What would be the most difficult part for you?

Bare Minimum

  1. What is the main focus of this segment?
  2. What was the hardest for the family members to let go of?
  3. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
  4. What would be the most difficult for you to let go of? Why?

Culture Shock

  1. What is culture shock?
  2. How did the family experience culture shock?
  3. Have you ever been out of your comfort zone? When? Why? How? And how did you handle it? Five sentences.

Answer to Prayer

  1. How did Princepe de Paz feel about the arrival of the Reusch family?
  2. Have you ever had a prayer answered? Is there something you are praying for currently that I can pray with you over?

Hasta Luego

  1. What are some things that the family is learning?
  2. Who was blessed more – Principe de Paz, or the Reusch family? Why do you think so?

Food for thought.

Imagine yourself in a different country and culture. What would be the hardest thing to get used to? What would you look forward to the most? 









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