Olympics Search

We are practicing using Google Docs and proper search terms.

Remember, internet search engines want to help us be lazy:

  • Choose the right terms to narrow your search.
  • Read the summary below the name of the website to see if that site will help you.

Your instructions – must be done IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Rename it with your name and “Olympics 2016.”
  4. Make sure you shared it with me. If I don’t get your work, I cannot give you a good grade.
  5. Answer the following questions using complete sentences on your Google Doc.

You are NOT doing an image search or watching videos.

  1. How many total medals has the United States won so far in 2016? 
  2. When is the closing ceremony going to be held?
  3. What country won the most gold medals in Women’s Fencing in 2016?
  4. What are the TWO sports in which men and women compete together?
  5. Which athlete won gold in Women’s 400-meter freestyle and what country are they from?
  6. How many medals has Michael Phelps won in the 2016 Olympics? How many were gold?
  7. How much does Michael Phelps eat in a day when he is training? 
  8. What is your favorite sport in the summer Olympics? Why?



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