Third Grade RAVES About Their Teacher

Our Third Grade teacher has some fans!

My gym teacher  Ms.Rogers is very kind. She makes great games and exercises. She is a good athlete and neighbor. She is my gym teacher and I love her very much. l.s.

Is a fantastic teacher because she is funny and smart. She is always letting me borrow pencils and teaching us about Jesus. She knows a lot about Jesus and his disciples and when they lived and died. She is funny and a fantastic teacher. a.g.

I love Miss Rodgers because she is funny.Another reason I love Miss Rodgers is that she is a very outgoing person and easy to.Also she is a helping hand and she always repeat if we did not hear or always never yells. r.d.

I love Miss. Rodgers because she helps me better understand the life of my Lord and love that he gave. She also teaches me volleyball which is one of my favorite sports, she makes me work hard and that makes me get better. Miss. Rodgers is a very nice person I like the shoes she wears because most of the time they are very decorative. o.w.

💙I love miss rodgers because she make religion class fun. She is never in a bad mood.and she is a fantastic teacher.b.h.

☆ ♡ I like Miss Roggers because she is one of the nicest people i’ve met. I also like her because she reminds me of my mom. Another reason I like her is that she is very forgiving. One more reason is that she is my teacher a.l.

I like Miss Rodgers because……

She almost always says when somebody gets hurt she says  do we need  to chop it off.

She is fun because we have very fun art projects

My teacher is one of the best!                

She makes everything amazing!

You make this this year go by so quickly I don’t want to leave you j.b.

I Love my teacher because Miss Rogers teaches us about religion. We learn about God and jesus and people think about Jesus and god. She help us understand people that don’t believe in Jesus or God and tells us how they can believe in God and Jesus. – G. g.

I LOVE Miss Rodgers because she is so kind. She is the BEST Religion Teacher/ Volleyball coach EVER! Definitely one of my favorite teachers. 😉 – J

Miss Rogers is a phenomenal teacher. I have learned a lot about god. She worked all summer for the religion book and for the third graders. Thank you Miss Rogers for being a good teacher. p.j.

like you and your class that you teach us a lot. I like Religion because I like to hear all the (other people’s) irrational ideas about God and to hear about some historical artifacts. Also of course I love to hear about God. d.s.

💙 I love Ms.Rodgers because she makes religion class awesome. Plus, she is a amazing volleyball coach. I have had fun in volleyball with her for more than two years, and I have some funny memories. Overall, Ms.Rodgers is an awesome teacher and coach. 🙂 a.c.

I love Ms. Rodgers because she’s our religion teacher. s.w

Miss. Rogers



I love Mrs. Rodgers because…she helps us understand things we do not get in Religion. Also, she knows how to make religion fun by showing videos and pictures. Lastly, she deals with all our questions, yes even the dumb ones. A.h.

Dear Miss Rodgers I love volleyball, and also PE .I will definitely play volleyball next year but I will miss PE . You are very encouraging , loving,and love to smile.I have loved being able to third and fourth grade with you but will wish i had you in middle school. Love e.n.

Miss Rogers is a very kind and wise teacher. She has taught us how to write better. She has also helped our fitness when we are in P.E. I have lots of fun in P.E. Thank you Miss Rodgers for teaching us to write on wednesdays after chapel. l.m.

Ms. Rodgers is so fun because she always makes  you laugh. Also she loves kids. Therefore she is happy all the time. T.a.


  1. She’s nice
  2. She cares
  3. She’s always in a great mood
  4. She’s always patient
  5. SHE’S AWESOME!!! n.w.

I love my teacher  because  she is happy and funny dg

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