Mrs. W Is the Most Awesome

Middle School has some kind words for Mrs. Wiberley!

Mrs. Wiberley

Is a fun teacher because she is cool and smart. Mrs. Wiberley is a cool teacher and is always making sure we are on task. She is funny and plays dodgeball with us during gym and shoots basketball with us, Mrs. Wiberley is a cool teacher.a.g

I love Mrs. Wiberley because is an very fun and amazing person to have fun with.Another reason is that she always lets us do whatever we want in P.E.Also she helps us with math if we need help.rd

♥I love ms.wiberly because she let’s us play gaand she let’s us talk.she let’s us do fun things in science like experiments.She is awesome.

mrs wiberly is cool great and good at teaching. d.b.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she is an awesome P.E. teacher. She will play Dodgeball with us and try to get us out. She also is very helpful in math because sometimes I have trouble with new concepts, and she helps me. I like her teaching us because she lets us do cool experiments. I love Mrs.Wiberley. o.w.

I Love My teacher because Mrs Wiberly teaches us math and science. She also teaches us art, painting, and drawing. We also do experiments in science that are cool. – G. g.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she helps me when I’m confused, she is kind, and she wants to help. S.w.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she is SO fun-loving! Her personality is so upbeat and fun. And her makeup is always on fleek. 😉 – J. t.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she lets us play Volleyball in P.E. We get to go unload stuff in her car. We get to watch funny science videos. I.G.

Mrs. Wiberley is good teacher because she was an awesome River Ridge chaperone. She is also the best gym teacher I have had my time here. Finally, she also is a really good math teacher. J.h.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she teaches very well. In math she helps me a lot with math problems I don’t understand. She can be very serious when the time calls for it, but she also be very cheerful which also makes the students cheerful. She can get us to enjoy the class, even though we are learning. R.s.

Mrs Wiberly has been there since I was in kindergarten. She has been nice to me in times of need. Also helping me with homework. c.b.

love Ms.Wiberley because she is not so strict that it’s not an enjoyable class. We still get to have fun in her class. And she lets us work at our own pace and we aren’t rushed through our math lessons. And she has us do really fun projects that I enjoy c.d.

Mrs. Wiberley is an awesome teacher because she makes everything fun. Also, she isn’t always super serious and uptight like most teachers, she is happy and fun. Last, she gives us extra break time and fun projects. a.p.

I love Mrs. Wiberley because she takes away marks, we can make non mean jokes about her, and she is laid back. S.t.

I love Ms. Wiberley because in the Science Lab we get to do experiments and she trusts me with

explod-y things. She is really patient because she helps me with math and that takes a while. She is really laid-back and I love that we can joke around with her and still learn things.


Mrs.Wiberly is a good teacher because she can be serious but she is fun to be around.In math class she can explain hard problems.She also is very undderrstanding  when you get in trouble. l.n.

Dear Miss Wiberly I love you and your classes a lot. I like your classes because they are always fun (especially Art, P.E, and  Current Events) and I enjoy them. I like how you teach because you always know the answer to my question in Math. d.s.

💙 I love Mrs.Wiberley because she is pretty cool. I remember having so much fun with her at River Ridge last year and I remember having a splash fight after our Lake Life class. I also remember singing and dancing with her during study hall one time, and I remember her letting us play Poptropica after we finished a math lesson. I also remember her showing us the Listen Linda video.. And it was hilarious! Overall, the class has had some great memories with Ms.Wiberley 🙂 a.c.

I love Mrs.Wiberley because… we can do AWESOME experiments in science and cool games in math. Also, she lets us do fun and cool things in P.E. It is the best when she joins in with us. I loved going to River Ridge with her too.

Mrs.Wiberley you are the best.You let us chose what we can play.Sometimes you let us go to Gym early.You let us watch exstreme acts of science. A.n.

Mrs. Wiberley is a great teacher . She is fun and cool and funny and smart .She teaches us pe and its a blast soccer dodgeball and basketball are really fun. Thanks for being a great teacher.   p.j.

☆ ♡ I like Mrs. Wiberly is because she is sometimes she jokes. I also like her because she beleives in me and my work. Another reason is that she is friendly.a.l.


Mrs.  Wiberley

I like the crafts you prepare for us l.s.


I  love Mrs.wiberly since she’s cool.

I love Mrs.wiberly since she’s smart. c.s.


I love Mrs.Wiberly because her art makes me smile.

I love Mrs. Wiberly because  she is kind.

I love Mrs. Wiberly because she makes me laugh. K.p.


I love Mr.wiberley because she is kind, cool, good artist. e.j.

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