Miss Jessie Is LOVED!

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, and our middle schoolers LOVE Miss Jessie!

I love Ms.Jessie because when we went to Nashville we got to play basketball and swim.

The jokes she makes in the middle of class. Last year when she let us play dodgeball in class. I.G.

I genuinely like Ms. Jessie because she had us read books we all liked. Also, we got to watch the usually good movie adaptations. I have also learned a great deal in history class, and actually liked it. I would eat your AMAZING jokes, but I am sadly lactose intolerant. GET IT? GET IT? (editor’s note: jokes are cheesy)  Lately, she has let us work by ourselves, but in a controlled fashion. Ms. Jessie’s class is a genuine joy to be in. 😀 j.h.

I love Ms.Jessie because she teaches very well. She makes us ready for high school by teaching us high school stuff. She is very strict which helps us focus more on school work and not goof off. When she took us to Nashville she made where we all enjoyed the trip and she also taught us new stuff about Nashville that we didn’t know  r. S.

Ms jessie has helped me in english and history. She has also helped me in current events and other worldwide subjects. Also her jokes that she laughs at. XD  c.b.

love Ms.Jessie because she teaches very well. She Makes us have a work ethic that got us ready for highschool. She also keeps us in line but we still can have fun. Also she took us to Nashville and that was so much fun c.d.

Ms. Irwin is a great teacher because she tries to make people laugh with puns. Also, she took us on a really fun field trip to River Ridge two years ago. Last, she is concerned with making things as fair as possible. a.p.

I love Ms. Irwin because she makes these funny jokes that are so cheesy they’re so funny, PAT time, and she sometimes gives us homework and then takes it away. s.t.

I love Ms. Irwin because we do a lot of fun projects and we get PAT time on Friday. She has taught me almost everything I know from Middle School on up. Also, she has encouraged me to become a better writer. I also love her cheesy jokes that are so awful that they are funny. 🙂 c.p.

Ms.Jessy  is very serious but sometimes she has her funny moments.She gives us a lot of homework because she wants to get us ready.She also is very  fair. L.n.

Dear Miss Jessie I like you and your classes a lot.  (aside from the homework :D)  I like your classes because you give us PAT time. I like how you teach because you always have patience for me when my story is messed up.d.s.

💙 I love Ms.Jessie because she does those funny impressions at the end of the day, and she always make me laugh. Also, I love going to her house and the park at the end of the year, because I love seeing her dogs Jack and Max. I also love to see her life-size model of Dobby from Harry Potter. What I also love about Ms.Jessie is that she shares the same love of Harry Potter with me. Overall, Ms.Jessie is a pretty cool teacher. 🙂 a.c.

I love Ms.Irwin because… she knows how to make us all laugh by having funny voices and her Irwin troubles with technology! She always knows how to make learning more fun for kids. Also, she listens to our boring and weird stories everyday which trust me, are very interesting! Another thing I loved is when we got to go to her house and meet her dogs and her husband. A.h.

Mrs.Jess I appreciate you because your are fun.You let us have brain break and some times you let us have extra break.You are the best. A.n.

I love Ms.Irwin because she makes us work to our best ability. Her puns keep me going and excited. Ms. Irwin sport knowledge is awesome she is the only teacher I had that knows sports.That’s why I love my teacher it has been a great year. p.j.

LOVE Ms. Irwin because of her awesome personality. There is never a dull moment in her classroom! I love the fact that she is so relatable, like she is one of the classmates. Plus her outfits are always on point. 🙂 – J. t.

I love Ms. Jessie because she helps me when I don’t understand, she makes funny accents, and she wants us to learn. s.w.

rs Jessie helps me and teaches us about history, english, literature.  She also makes us laugh and teaches us. She does fun crafts and we read books.- G. g.

☆ ♡ I like Mrs.Irwin because øf her funny voices. I like her also because she is super motavational. Another reason is that she is the only teacher that keeps up with sports. I also like Mrs. Irwin because she likes animals like me.   a.l. `\ { ‘.’ } /’

I love Mrs.Irwin because she wears the coolest clothes, and she talks in different voices which is really funny. I love Mrs.Irwin also because she likes Harry Potter and so do I.  I also like her when she says “Don’t yuck other people’s yum.” All over Mrs.Irwin is a really great teacher 🙂 ❤ o.w.

♥I love ms.jessie because she makes class and work  fun and she is pretty laid back.She has the funniest expression and funny voices.she is the coolest teacher. b.h.

I love Ms. Irwin because she is a outgoing person and she is a caring person. Also she is a person who helps us with projects and helps us when we do not know what to do with a question.Another reason is that she is a fun person to hang out with r.d.

Is an awesome teacher because she is nice and caring. She is always is helping us out and making sure we make the right choices and gives us cool puzzles and lets us do word scrambles at the end of the day. Mrs. Jessie is smart, funny and always encouraging us and being awesome. a.g.

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