Fourth Grade Shares Some Love

Fourth Grade adores their teacher! And is it any wonder?

Mrs.Irwin is a great Spanish teacher she always does fun stuff in Spanish she will put videos up on her smartboard screen for us to watch. m.m.

I like Mrs. Irwin because………

    You are a great religion teacher & spanish teacher I can not wait till I reach your grade because I know you  like dogs and I already can’t wait to go into your class.

I love you because you are fun and I heard that you like to do art projects and I love art and I love you. j.b.

Mr. Irwin thank you For doing Spanish and religions with us You are so silly and funny and so much fun k.s.

Mrs.Irwin is one of my favorite teachers because she brings dogs! I love Religion because she lets us do fun projects and she reads us devotions. She is an amazing teacher and I love her dogs and her classes! m.h.

I love Mrs. Irwin because she was my third and fourth grade teacher, she brings some of her dogs to school, and she is kind.

I love my teacher, Mrs. Irwin, because she is the most loving person I have ever known. She lets us watch movies during lunch and play with her dogs. She understands kids and that is the best kind of teacher. It is a blessing and a privilege to be in her fourth grade class and to know her.o.p.

I love M.R.S Irwin cause she is loving and kind lots of experience is in her, from teaching so many good years. She has given me such a great SY. And  surely we all feel the same because she is so great.c.t.

Mrs. Irwin




Dear Mrs. Irwin I have had a great year with you and would like to tell you how i feel about you . I love how funny and happy you are almost all the time .You are very sweet and also very caring . Last but of course not least you are very laid back you hardly ever get mad or angry . Mrs.Irwin I have loved being in this class, this is my favorite and will always be my favorite class. I will miss you a lot.Love e.n.

ms.irwin funny joyfuy msart and good at spanish. n.t.


1 smart

2 fantastic

3 patient


I Love My Teacher Because . . .

You is sweet, artistic, fun, amazing, and have taught me so much.

You have been my favorite teacher so far.

I do not want to go to Miss Jessies class next year but stay with you.

That’s why I love my teacher. m.t.

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