Independent Research Project: You Become The Expert

Hello, FLS students! This next assignment is a really fun one. You get to come up with your OWN research project. Today your goal is to come up with a topic.

  1. Think of some things you really enjoy or are interested in. It can be almost anything that is appropriate for a Christian school. Do you love video games? Animals? Music? Is there a super-hero you would like to learn more about? Pick something you aren’t already an expert in. The goal is to learn something cool.
  2. Open a Google Doc. Title it with your name and the word “Research.” Then share it with me before you do anything else. If I don’t get it, I can’t give you a grade.
  3. In the document, make a list of the top three things you would like to study. Then raise your hand to let me know you have done this.
  4. Show me your list, then choose your favorite. Highlight it on your document. Once your topic is approved, you are almost ready to begin your research.
  5.  If you are in 1st-4th grade, Make a list of at least 5 things you would like to know about your topic that you do not already know.  If you are in middle school, make a list of 10 things. We will be spending a few weeks on this assignment. If you finish the first day, you will have to start over with a new topic the next week. If there aren’t 10 things you would like to know, you should pick a different topic.
  6. Once you have your list, write them on your document as a list of questions. Yes or no questions and one word answers should be avoided where possible.
  7. You may begin your research.

The only search engines you may use are the following:

KidRex – choose “Kid”


Safesearch Kids

You do not have permission to play games at this time, even if your topic is a video game. This time is for research and learning facts.

8. Answer the questions in paragraph form on the same document.

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