7th/8th: Games For Your Brain

You guys may play any of the following games and activities in any order you choose. You won’t get finished with all of them, and that is OK! Have fun, and let me know what you really liked. You might just see it again.

The Double-Helix Game– this one is on Nobelprize.org’s website. You know, the million dollar Nobel Prize? Yeah, that one!

Pavlov’s Dog Game

nobelprize.org – you may watch the videos that are on here or play the games.

Clueless Crossword

Word Scramble – the faster you are, the fewer moves you have to make, the higher your score.

Stock Market Game – okay, this one is kind of cheesy, but it teaches about the stock market using real stocks and current prices. Who is the next Wall Street tycoon? Stay on this game- don’t click the other links they offer.

Lizard Point Geography Game

Grammar Ninja – who can play at expert level and emerge victorious? The how-to-play demo is weird, but I recommend watching it and then returning to title page.

History Trivia

History Learning Quizzes – Soft Schools


National Flag Match

Geography Match Puzzle

Mystic Numbers  – back by popular demand!



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