NaNo Prep: Week 3

I’m sorry I had to miss today. We have so many good things to talk about to get ready for NaNoWriMo. Next week, we’ll talk about plot, characters, and settings. This week, we’re going to practice writing with detail.

  1. Open a new Google Doc.

2) Click “Rename” and give the document your name and today’s date (October 15, 2015)

3) Share it with me. (Click “share” in the upper right corner, and type in the letter “H.” My email address will come up).  I’m not there to remind you to share with me, and if I don’t receive it, your grade for the day is a zero. Share with me first.

4) Go to “WritingFix for Kids. Memory Game”

5) Think of a true memory that you wish to share, and write about it. Use at least 3 sensory details (tell about touch, smell, sight, sound, taste) in your writing. If you can’t think of a memory, click the button that says “Magic Button.” It will give you some ideas. I want at least five sentences.

6) If you’re interested in having this piece of writing shared with the website WritingFix For Kids as an example to teachers and students, tell me so.

7) On the same Google Doc, go to the Writing Fix for Kids main prompt page. Choose 2 other prompts (they call them “games”) and write about them.

At the bottom of the same document, make notes on what you’re planning to write about for National Novel Writing Month.

Have fun!

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