National Novel Writing Month Warmup

It’s Week 2 in October. Last week we worked with a random story generator. This week, we’re going to look at a website that will help you generate LOTS of things -from plot to character.

Open a Google Doc.

Rename it with your name.

Share it with me.

Read the rest of the assignment below.

You will need three windows open – this site, your Google doc, and the blue link below.


Children’s Writing Exercises has lots of possibilities.  The buttons on the left side are random generators. Try all of them more than once. They can help you come up with ideas for your November Novel.

In your Google Doc, tell me:

Which story plot interested you the most?

Which story plot interested you the least?

What character descriptions did you come up with that you like?

What story title did the generator give you?

Now for the writing portion of the assignment. Click “Random Picture,” and write about what you see. Use as much detail as you can. Remember, I can’t see that image. Help me to guess!

Don’t forget to share the doc with me!

If you finish before class ends, spend some more time with the random generator. See what it can do for you! You are welcome to use the bottom of your document to make notes on ideas you might want to use for November.

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