GermanFest is Coming!

In just a couple of weeks, we will be hosting GermanFest at school. Let’s take some time to learn a little more about Germany.

Germany For Kids. You are invited to explore the site, but please stick to Germany. No globe-trotting this week!

National Geographic  – Fast Facts  This is a single page. Please don’t click through to other countries today. We’ll visit them during another class period.

Kids’ World Travel Guide – Germany Facts This is another single page. No peeking at the other countries!

Oocities Welcome to Germany


Now I want you to answer some questions from these websites. When you answer each question, please list which website on which you found the answer.

  • What are some of Germany’s most popular foods?
  • What are some popular games and sports in Germany?
  • On which continent is Germany found?
  • Name three countries that border Germany.
  • Who are some famous Germans in history? What did they do? Name three.
  • Why is the Autobahn famous?
  • What is the German currency (money) called?
  • What is the official name of Germany?
  • What is Germany’s leader called?
  • Name two major events from German history.
  • Share two other interesting facts that you learned from these websites.




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