Third Grade Loves Their Teacher!

Our third graders also had plenty to say about their amazing teacher.

AP “I love my teacher Ms. R because she is very smart. Ms. R always has the best art projects planned for us. We always have fun book reports. We just got done with ourmystery book report. It was awesome because we did a puzzle that we had to draw a picture of the mystery and then we had to write three paragraphs but I like that too. My favorite project is the state report we did. I loved doing Alaska as my state report. I did not know what to pick at first but then I saw Alaska and then I knew what I wanted to do. Thank for being my teacher.”

MT “I love my Teacher because she is kind ,sweet,and gentle.She is good at math,science,and social studies.And she is just right for my class, and my class think she’s the best.She picks out the perfect book to read.She gives us a long recess.My teacher is the best.”

TA “I love Ms. R because she knows a lot and is very helpful. She is also very helpful and picks you up when you fall and especially  she is very sweet and abundant.She is also very generous and great at arts and crafts and I also love doing arts and crafts with oil pastels and she is great at teaching lots of subjects like science math and social studies she is also very helpful at math problems spelling words correctly and she also loves to read us stories like the paper bag princess”

CT “I love my teacher because she is kind and teaches me well. ”

EN “I love my teacher because she is unique in all kinds of different  ways she is the best teacher so far she is so beautiful i just love her so much  I was so so excited when I heard  that I was going to be in her class  i couldn’t thank her enough  she has taught me so so much I do not want to leave next year I am excited for 2nd grade to be with  her next year and for all the other classes that will be in her classroom I love my teacher so much and I am sad to have to leave her classroom”

OP “I love my teacher because…. I love ms. R because she’s funny,she’s nice,and she’s up and beyond.She’s caring and giving to.She also help me with math problems.Science and Social Studies to. She’s the best teacher ever it’s true.”

AP ” I love my teacher because she lets us do extra art and make applesauce and bake things like that, she teaches in a creative way which gives us many options , gives us time to do special things like well present are  book report.”

LS “I love my teacher because she helps me , she is sweet and loving , she loves all of us , I  need my teacher , she is smart , she teaches me , she loves me , she is Ms. R .”



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