Second Graders Love Their Teacher, Too!

When asked why they love their wonderful teacher, second grade had plenty to say!

KS      “I love my Teacher because she is nice and helps me read”

AP      “i love  mrs b  because she is nice and when we need help she helps us when we need help”

NT “I love my teacher because she taeched me a lot of suff that we will need to know later on in life.I love you mrs.B”

NW “I love my teacher because… she never screams at us.”

CM “I love my teacher because…she is nice and caring.”

JB “I love my teacher because…she reads a lot of fun stories to us she has  a lot a of activities at the party and i’m in her class and i’m she’s my teacher and we’re reading humphrey.”

MH “I love Mrs.B because she is a really really really good teacher. I  like what she teaches us she makes are science tests more fun by making it into a fun game where she asks a question and the answer is one of our science words.”

MM “I love Mrs.B because she teaches us a lot of the things we need to know and a lot of vocabulary and math and science she gives us a warning before we get in trouble and she is funny also she is a very  fun teacher to be with.”

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