Fourth Graders Love Their Teacher!

An acrostic poem by AN:

Math.You help me in math

Shes nice


Iearn you help me learn

rose are red violets are blue she helpful

we all love you are intelligent

no fighting. you keep me safe


I love …       a  poem  by    C.W.

  I love my teacher she’s very sweet

when she teaches it’s a definite treat!

She loves me so

and wants a bow.

I love my teacher she isn’t mush

the only downfall = she tells me to hush!!

PJ “I love Mrs. I because she is funny and smart.Her art idol is Vangogh we do a lot of art projects.She brings her dogs in to class she go to dog shows. She has been my teacher for two years 3 and 4 th.So as your can see I appreciation.”

SW “I love my teacher because she does a lot of fun of art projects.”

DS “I love Mrs.I because she brings dogs and is funny.Thank you for teaching us. -DS”


Roses are red.

  Violets are blue

I love my teacher.

 So you should too. -OW



I love my teacher because ……

Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

My teacher is THE BEST,

And I will always love you!”

RD “I love Mrs. I because she is a very fun person.Another one is she sometimes let us have free time.The last one is she brings in dogs that are awesome!!!!!”

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