Kindergarten Story Time

Our kindergarteners are full of wonderful stories. They are learning where to find all the letters on that mixed up keyboard, as well, and now using Google Docs, they can type out their very own tales for your reading pleasure.

The top story is how they wrote it themselves. Underneath is how they read it aloud to me. I take full responsibility for random punctuation. WordPress does not always play nicely with Google Docs. All Pokémon spelling errors are mine, as well.

LJ shared:

once upon a time ther wus a dragin hoow like to et the dragin et a pinapl

Once upon a time, there was a dragon who like to eat. The dragon ate a pineapple. The End.

DG writes:

thehulklikesdg         dg      si   glad       dg    si      the    hulk     to      my         dad        si       the       hulk        to       den

The Hulk by DG

The hulk likes DG. DG is glad. DG is the hulk, too. My dad is the hulk, too. The End.

CE says:

once   upon     a        time    ash

and    his    pokaemon

wr     go    ing    to

nashvil        the   end

Once upon a time Ash and his Pokémon was going to Nashville. The End.

GH writes:

GH     angjesus is god

Jesus is God. The End

SC shared:

onceuponatimetharwuzaaleinhewuzawnaedalein  hehadabampirfrindwontimthasuoabuloturanusorisrecstheturanasorisrecstrngrenittook9pepul


Once upon a time there was an alien. He had one eye. He had a vampire friend. One day they saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  It took 9 people to get the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Maybe even 564 people to get the Tyrannosaurus Rex. They got him.

BL says:

once   upon   a   time     th   a     casl      it   wus     a  big        ther    wuss   lots     uv   pepl

vr   wus   wun   qen  and   wus  kek   the   lod    famle

Once upon a time a castle it was a big castle. There was lots of people. They had one queen, one king. They were a good family.

ZM shared:

once       upon          a               time          ther                      was                 a          pritee                                                                                                            prinses                      she                           was                   pritee            but           one

day                        i                 was                   trnd              in                to           a             frog


Once upon a time there was a pretty princess. She was pretty, but one day, I was turned into  a frog. The end.

AD writes:

                         a like dogs to help this1 dog


A likes dogs. To help it is one dog.

RD says:

once upon a time.there was a little bug the bugs name was ray he is six years old he was a boy.

Once upon a time, there was a little bug. The bug’s name was Ray. He is six years old. He was a boy.

AH writes:

once            a            pone          a                     time       ther             livd                          a           pokemon            namd               preecou      he        livd         in       a           casulu         and         he        wus           6               yurs          old               and           the          end


Once upon a time there lived a Pokémon named Prechuu. He lived in a castle and he was six years old. The end.

JF writes:

once    upon    a     time   the     dog     wut  to    play     but   he    kut     pla     naw    he    had      to      do   wrk      bekus      he     had             to     do       he     hatu     do     loje    to       do   hekud    play    the     ed


Once upon a time,the dog wanted to play, but he couldn’t play. He had to work because he had to do laundry. He could play. The End.

EV says:

once a upon a time ther was a dragon. the dragon flys. the wizrd came and got hert.

the end.


Once upon a time there was a dragon. The dragon flies. The wizard came and got hurt. The End.

DD writes:

iam a wizrd and the dagin had fun play ing  we  had fun  ni  the  sun   wen   the       evl         tiy  serutp  usltarups  and   tayt  ran  and  ran tayt seid we  hat  you  we dot like you run ing  afr us the end


I am  a wizard and the dragon had fun playing. We had fun in the sun when the evil triceratops ran and ran they said that “We hate you. We don’t like you running after us.” The end.

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