Periodic Tables Games

These are games about the periodic table of elements. Some of the games are very challenging. That’s a good thing. Challenges can help us learn.

Some of the games will take you to sites with lots of different games. You must stay on the periodic tables game.

To play some of the quiz games, open the periodic table in one window so that you can look up the answers. It’s kind of fun!

Proton Don on Funbrain

Build a Periodic Table on Sheppard Software

Element Flashcards on Jefferson Lab

Chem for Kids – there are lots of different activities on this website!

Periodic Table – this website is interactive. Click on some of the elements. What cool facts can you learn?

Here’s a site from New Zealand that has an interesting game about mass and gravity. Let me know if you can load it. Sometimes what I see isn’t what you see.

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