Parts of Speech Review

Mr. Jordan is your substitute today. Do a good job for him. Try these different websites and activities. If a website does not work on your computer, please go on to the next one.

Nouns on

Noun Balloon Game

FunBrain Madlibs. Please do not visit other Funbrain games. We’re practicing parts of speech today.

Common and Proper Nouns.

Nouns in the Paragraph

Nouns in the Sentence

Identify the Noun

To Be

Burst the Adjective Bubble. I know. This is for grade four. I believe in you. Just do your best.

Adjective Vs. Adverb

And some videos. Here’s the deal. You may watch these videos and ONLY these videos. No clicking over or waiting for the next one to play. Otherwise Mr. Jordan can say no video. Headphones, please. Or low volume.




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