Middle School Assignment 1/15/15

History fair is next month. Today we continue learning best practices for internet searches. You will follow a PowerPoint presentation and complete the accompanying handout.

Click here to find the PowerPoint presentation. You can click on “Present” at the top of the page to go to “full screen” mode if you like. You will have some internet searches to do as you go along. Click “escape” (upper left corner of your keyboard) to exit full-screen mode and open another window to do your searches.

Use your best handwriting. If I can’t read it, it’s not possible to get a good grade.


You must read each slide in the PowerPoint. It explains the questions. DO NOT try to do the handout without reading the PowerPoint. You will be confused.

For question 3, Cactisearch no longer exists. You can still answer the question, though. Put on your thinking cap.

Do not answer questions 4 or 5.


You will be working independently. This is not a group assignment. Unless the internet refuses to cooperate, in which case we will adapt. We’re trees. We can bend with the wind, right?

The assignment is due at the end of class.


Today’s assignment comes from readwritethink.org.

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