Google Glass Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to focus. It is due at the end of class. You will have two grades for today – one for your assignment and one for your class performance (behavior). These will be your last grades of the mid-term. Do yourselves proud.

Please visit the Wikipedia article found here.   In another window, go to Google docs and record your answers to the following questions. When you first open your document, please share it with me before continuing. Doing so prevents a mad scramble to share at the end of class. Remember – Google docs saves automatically, so it will update your progress.

You will not have time to read the entire article. Look for the answers to your questions. Use complete sentences.

  • What is Google Glass?
  • When did Google Glass first appear?
  • How much did the prototype weigh?
  • How much do they weigh now?
  • How much did they cost originally?
  • (Bonus) How much do they cost now?
  • Name three apps for Google Glass that were not created by Google.
  • Name two features of Google Glass and explain what they do. Please use complete sentences.
  • How do you control Google Glass?
  • What do people like about the device?
  • What are the privacy concerns (name at least two. Bonus points for additional concerns)?
  • Name a safety concern.
  • What did Dr. Rafael Grossman first use the device for? Explain.
  • What are the terms of service? Do they seem reasonable to you? Why or why not?



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