Preapproved Websites

Below are a list of sites that are preapproved for use at school. You must be finished with work and have your teacher’s permission to play games before visiting them. Visiting any sites that are not approved can result in loss of computer privileges.

***UPDATE – Turtle Diary is no longer pre-approved. 

Kindergarten – Fourth Grade:

PBS Kids (plan to use headphones with this one. The games require listening to instructions.


Knowledge Adventure


Spelling City

Code Monster I recommend this game for 3rd and up.

Math Playground

Dance Mat Typing

Digital Dialects

Cool Math Games. – this one works for now. If the plug-ins quit, go to 5th grade, strategy and skills games. Same games, better hosting. It plays nicer with Chromebooks.

Middle School:

RETURN MAN! Look what I found, guys!

Defend Your Nuts Squirrel Game – You man NOT visit any videos

Discovery Ed

Fun Brain


Christmas Bounce Game You’re welcome. Current top score is 1450. If you can beat that score (and prove it), there might just be a prize in it for you.

Code Monster

Cookie Clicker  Approval for this one will depend on you. It is very, very rough on the mouse pad on the computer. The repeated clicks will wear it out. If it’s a game that is played too often, approval will be revoked.

Coolified Math This one has provisional approval. The games seem okay, just not very educational. Don’t abuse the privilege of having this game on the preapproved list.

If you have websites and games you would like me to consider for this list, please put them in the comments. I’m looking primarily for games that are educational and they must be appropriate for school (no violence or other inappropriate stuff). I also steer clear of games that are heavy on advertising. If you think you’ve got a winner, list it below, and I’ll have a look.

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Third Grade Research Party

Hey, Third Grade, are you ready to party like it’s 1000AD?

I have found the following sites to help you with your research on the vikings.

National Geographic – facts and a video

Mr. Donn’s Page – lots of different links. I love Mr. Donn’s pages!

DK Find Out– stay  on Viking activities, please

Mysteries in Time



Vikings Video – do not visit other suggested videos. 

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Welcome to Hour of Code

Hour of Code is an international program in which kids all over the world practice coding by playing games. It takes practice for most of us, but it can be really fun! Below are some websites that have games and activities involving coding. Some won’t work on our Chromebooks, and that’s okay. Just choose a different game.


Khan Academy


Kodeable – Play without saving is the option you need to choose.

Lightbot – this one is on ABCYA. Do not go to any other game on the website.


Have fun, and let me know which games are your favorites (and which are NOT).

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